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It is a tool that will support you to measure, evaluate and monitor your own in creating abundance in your life. 


In the first part you will learn all the tools you require to develop and clearly define what your goals are, then you will be able to create your action plan to materialize the life you desire and deserve, step by step and at the end, you will be measuring your own performance in your actions.


This resource, accompanied by the book “100 Principles of Abundance: A Journey to Infinite Wealth”, maximizes your results.

Digital Notebook: How to Create Abundance and Prosperity

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  • - Calendar of the year 2024-2025.
    - Section to create your vision board.
    - Section to define your goals from a winning mentality.
    - Guide to work on your manifestation.
    - Templates to create a step by step action plan for your goals.
    - Templates to make the financial planning for your goals and also for your vacations.
    - More than 200 empty pages for you to write or document what you want, with positive affirmations included in each day.

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